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You have a product. But that's just one step on the road to great sales. You'll still need to:

refine your product for a Global Market

The global consumer market is competitive and you are not sure consumer trends and markets. How do you refine your product? At MonAfrique, we are dedicated to preparing artisans to make products that local and global clients will delight in and cherish.

Target your market

The global consumer market is vast and you have limited knowledge of consumer preferences. How do you know who you are making products for? At MonAfrique, we use our knowledge of global consumer tastes and trends to help you identify a target audience for your products. 

position & refine

MonAfrique helped you create a sellable product and has identified to whom you should sell. How do you begin to speak to your clients in a language they understand?How do you ensure your products stand out? We'll also help you create your niche, tell your story.

Brand & package

No brand is complete without great design and packaging. We pair you with designers who can bring your visions to life. 

Send us an email with your brand info and request for a free preliminary assessment. We're serious about helping product branding and your business, so we only charge clients when we're sure we can help

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